Meet The Maker:

Parker Easter

Hello there!

I am the founder of ReNu Hygienics. I am a recent graduate of Brandon University, and I am in a gap year before law school. In this gap year, I made it my goal to do two things: travel the world and grow my business. The "travel the world" part has obviously been halted with COVID-19 (this was written May 2020), but this wasn't before an amazing trip where I solo backpacked for five weeks around the country of Thailand. I am now back home in friendly Manitoba and working hard towards my second goal.

ReNu Hygienics, which is what you are here for, is a sustainable soap and wellness company dedicated to reducing the waste associated with hotel stays and increasing access to hygiene. I founded this in 2018 on a University trip to Toronto after getting my shampoo thrown out at an airport and later recognizing how many times the provided soap products were replenished in my hotel room over the week. I dug into it and learned that Canada's hospitality industry throws away over 150,000,000 bars of soap every year. The real kicker? There are over 700,000 Canadians who rely on donated soap access.

From then on, I made it my mission to find a way to divert the discarded soap products from the landfill and put them in the hands of the over 1100 families in Brandon, MB in need. We cleanse and disinfect the supply material using a lab-grade process and upcycle using quality organic ingredients you can recognize - like Manitoba harvested honey. Most importantly, for every bar of soap sold, we donate one to a local family in need. Our goal is to sell and provide a whole line of soap and wellness products so stay tuned!


Parker Easter

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