Meet The Maker:

Melanie Toews

Hi! I am the author behind Prairie Girl Creations, my maker business. I am a house wife, momma of two (teen and young adult) and private piano teacher putting down roots in a small rural community where I've lived most of my life. My top loves are my family, making music and the Canadian Prairies where I have been born and raised and love to write and create! I am passionate about arts, music and story telling literature especially when it celebrates the achievements of women. I cheer on prairie girls! We are resilient, determined and creative...long, harsh winters will do that!


My new self published children's book is called “The ABC BoOk of Canadian Animals”. My Illustrator is a fellow prairie gal living in a small rural Saskatchewan community. Her colorful pointillism style is fresh and whimsical and sets this project apart. My book consists of all Canadian mammals (and perhaps one bird) and can be enjoyed by any-aged reader as a cuddle-up-and-read book! My book also features some lesser known animals we have in Canada. The book carries an appeal for a wide range audience and links the 13 provinces and territories with some fun Canadian trivia carrying an educational undertone. My heart behind writing is to create tools for family connection time. Some of my favorite childhood memories were of time spent with picture books and the presence of my mom reading them to me. Oh! The funny voices she used, especially when she impersonated the Cookie Monster!


What if my book became part someone's favorite childhood memory? This thought remains an integral part of my writing process for children. I also create jewelry, bookmarks, paintings and record/compose piano music which I hope to include in my maker business soon.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my bio! You can find more and follow me on my Facebook page, Prairie Girl Creations (author) and on Instagram @prairiegirlcreations or @melanietoews_art


Creatively yours,