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Hello, nice to have you here! I am Keah, the face behind Soul68 Handmade.

I first started my small business journey in 2019 and have learned and changed in so many wonderful ways! I have a passion for creativity and love being an entrepreneur. Not very often will you find me relaxing as creating brings me so much joy! I live in a rural community on a cattle ranch with my soul mate. When I am not working in town, you can find me in my workspace brainstorming and creating and if I am not in my office, I am probably outside with the animals or in the garden. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking but am not particularly a fan of cooking.

I mentioned living in a rural community and by rural I mean, you blink and you miss it! Moving to the farm with my partner has allowed me to grow and challenge myself in ways I couldn’t imagine. It has taught me to go out of my comfort zone, to try new things and to be fearless. The things that I have learned to do by saying yes to trying it and pushing fear out of the way has been and continues to be incredible. I want to reflect this in my work and designs for my customers to know that it is ok to be fearlessly you. To say yes to a new challenge even though it might be terrifying and to embrace all of the emotions that come with it.

Living in a rural community has shown me how important it is to support local businesses because every time you support a local business, the money stays within the community and is reinvested to help the community grow! The feeling I get when someone supports me and my small business makes me overjoyed and thankful that they have chosen my creativity to design and create a product that interests them.


Thank you for choosing Soul68 Handmade!

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Keah MacMillan

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